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Children create and represent their ideas in a visual form and acquire the basic vocabulary of art and design while working on independent and collaborative projects.



This space is designed to captivate the curious nature of young children. Children like to question, to observe, to select and manipulate objects and materials in order to prove, explain and figure out conclusions.



Through creative hands-on projects, children form the basis for early mathematics.



Children develop both the desire and ability to read to their fullest potential. Based on phonics, we work on mind mapping, word families, literature appreciation, and the building of sight and speaking vocabulary.


physical development

Physical exercise as a daily routine helps to learn about team-building being able to listen, follow directions, cooperating in a group while gaining fine and gross motor proficiency within an active lifestyle.



We work on gross motor development moving to the music as music and movement help children develop a sense of patterns. Singing helps develop language skills, keeps people feeling happy, and enhances auditory discrimination.

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Circle Time provides high quality early education. Our philosophy is that children learn by doing and we encourage our students to engage in interactive activities. Our program is intended to help children become more successful students in the long run and we motivate and encourage them to learn.


Become part of the CircleTime family and share the most amazing and gratifying experience. Every member of our team enjoys competitive wages and great benefits.


The environment is structured and the furnishings, equipment, and materials are attractive and age-appropriate to facilitate children development. Our groups will be divided into:

lime circle 1 year

One year olds move freely from one place to another, applying their senses and experimenting with all types of learning. There is a space designed for language development.

aqua circle 2 years

This group is formed by two-year-olds who use their senses in specifically designed spaces to engage in games with peers to better develop their social skills. Our bathrooms are child size, properly decorated and welcoming so potty training can be mastered without difficulties.

orange circle 3 years

This group is formed by three-year-old children who create art work that represents what they are thinking and imagining, and they experience different situations as well as the first bonds of friendship.

magenta circle 4 years

Four year olds are getting ready for Kindergarten and that is precisely why our express and think areas are very important and are well equipped and organized to improve children’s language and mathematical learning. On the other hand our play areas are carefully furnished, supplied and planned to allow children to interact with peers in collaborative games while boosting their motor, cognitive and language skills.

about us

Circle Time is an academically progressive and nurturing preschool. Located in Doral, Florida, the Center focuses on enhancing children’s development by respecting their individuality and uniqueness while crafting experiences that foster their curiosity, support and increase their abilities, and help them find creative solutions to problems.

Today’s world is demanding a different style of education. We want to make the difference offering a new concept of early childhood education providing our children opportunities to explore new concrete learning experiences, with appropriate learning materials and tools that encourage creative thinking and a new culture of learning.


Foster a healthy and safe environment that meets children’s social, physical and intellectual needs, where they can develop as independent, active and creative thinkers. A place where they can expand their imagination and their own desire to explore, discover and learn.


Circle Time emphasizes in the high quality early education that provides. Our philosophy is that children “learn by doing” and we encourages our students to engage in interactive activities. Our program is intended to help children become more successful students in the long run and we motivate and encourage them to learn.

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